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[S4E7] Prom Night

Olivia talks to Spencer about how Jen keeps ditching her. He wants her to be honest with Jen. JJ knocks on the door. He rushes into the Baker house with the news that the gym has been flooded and that prom is ruined.

[S4E7] Prom Night

Asher is eating with JJ and Jordan. There are some updates about prom. JJ is trying to set Asher up with a date, but he says that he is good. Jordan gets a call from Simone and gets up. The waitress comes over and says that she is going to prom with Asher.

At prom, Clay the DJ shoots his shot with Layla, and she turns him down. Spencer and Olivia are happy that they are having a drama-free prom night. Layla runs into Jordan outside sitting on the steps. He just got a call from Simone that she won both of her games in the tournament. Jordan wants to bail, but Layla asks him for one dance.

Back in the gymnasium, they are announcing prom King and Queen. It goes to Patience and Coop. Meanwhile, Asher and Jamie are now dancing at the restaurant. Jamie tells him that they should go to prom. Asher agrees, but will they actually go?

The boys are at Beverly High School putting the trophy back in its case. Spencer realizes that the Crenshaw football team is the reason that the prom at Beverly got canceled. They triggered the sprinklers when they stole the trophy, to begin with.

Olivia was just as much at fault when it came to breaking the no-heroics pact. She confronted Jenn twice, once on the way to the prom, trying to get her to take her sobriety seriously. She even threatened to stop being her sponsor.

Sure, it was a heartwarming scene when Coop and Patience were named prom queen and prom queen. But instead of spending time with Patience on their special day, Coop was helping Amina plan her party because Preach was, well, a man and didn't understand these things.

TRADITIONS - The gang is ready to celebrate prom together, but Spencer finds himself fixing a mistake made by his teammates that could have some major consequences. Olivia struggles with how to connect with her sponsee, and making her take her sobriety seriously. Coop bails on prom prep with Patience to help Amina once again. Meanwhile, Asher finds himself spending his prom night a little different than expected, and Layla gets some sage advice from Jordan.[2]

No one on this show actually knows what girls wear to prom. They seem to be completely against long gowns when it comes to prom on this show, but, as someone who went to prom twice in between the two separate prom episodes, every girl wore a long gown! No one, and I mean NO ONE wears a short dress.

Cora considers that, ruminating on the fact that since Mindy last saw them all last, she married an alien, and has a full grown son. So yes, she probably won't have that much in common with them. On speaking of said Son she wonders where her 'little' Mearth is? When Mindy surreptitiously indicates he's hiding from her up in his room. Cora lures him down by speaking about the wonderful surprise she's made and brought for him...gazumping his eager approach by telling him it's a salad before confessing it's several pounds of brownies. As Mearth tells her she's his absolute favorite babysitter (albeit the only one), Mork enters in full cheerleading mode, having donned Mindy's Boulder High cheerleading sweater that she was surreptitiously modelling the night before, and *thought* she'd hid from him.

By the next morning, unease has turn to full on jealous paranoia. As Mearth plays with his toy cars at the table in the living room, his parents enter from the bedroom in the midst of an argument. One that has been going on since the night before. Mindy annoyed, asking how long Mork is going to keep up his issues with her and Steve, Mork prowling after declaring he saw a side of her the previous night he had never seen before. Her back. Mindy frustrated with Mork's unreasoning jealousy and not wanting to expose Mearth to their argument, sends their son to their bedroom. Once he's gone Mindy informs Mork that he's upsetting himself over something that she told him was over with 10 years ago, and that she really feels she deserves more of his trust than he's showing her. Guilt pricking him, Mork calms himself, saying she's right, and tries to laugh off 'whatsisname' until she calls Steve 'Stevie' and he spirals once again.

While Dickie is giving him the pass stamp, happy there's someone else there who doesn't have a date, Mork spies Mindy across the room. His jaw dropping, taken in by the sight of his then 18 year old wife. Pretending not to know who she is, he asks Dickie about her. As Mork waxes lyrical about how foxy she is and what he would do just to meet her, Dickie somewhat bitterly, warns him off, telling him he has no chance. That he's been after a date with her since 2nd grade, and she only has eyes for 'that nerd', Steve. Mork pulls a little fore-knowledge, telling Dickie he doesn't' care what he says, he is going to marry her. As Mork continues to stare in fascination at her, Mindy and Steve are talking with Glenda Faye and her prom date, Kyle, a Poli-Sci major at Columbia. Which prompts the revelations that Steve is a blinkered Nixon supporter and dismissive of Mindy's aspirations to be a journalist, treating her like an airhead, which she definitely does not appreciate.

Glenda rushing to her side, Mindy fumes at Steve, Mork standing by agitatedly as Dickie reads out the results. Steve supremely smug as he & and an embarrassed Mindy are given the Crowns. Mork looking down as Fred proudly takes snapshots of his little girl, and she and Steve go out onto the dance floor for their slow dance. But Mindy remains furious over Steve's actions towards Vladimir/Mork, quietly and sarcastically informing him that she hopes he's happy. It becomes apparent to her that he actually is. Showing no remorse about his behavior, and that all Steve cares about is that they won. Wanting her to smile for the photos, he tells her it's the biggest night of her life. Mindy replying that it just might be, because this is their last date. Startling him, she informs him that she used to think he was a good guy but has definitely changed her mind, and leaves him standing on the dance floor.

Making her way over to Vladimir/Mork, Mindy nervously asks 'Lumpy' him if he'll dance with her. Mork, quietly stunned and overjoyed that the Queen wants to dance with 'a humble peasant', happily agrees, and fingers entwining, they slow dance together into the gathering prom crowd on the dance floor. When the crowd parts, however a bewildered Mindy suddenly finds that she's alone again, Vladimir having vanished, along with her tiara.

Back in the apartment, Mork back in his nightgown, returns to the present. Checking his watch, he ascertains his trip through time there and back again to '71 only took him two minutes in 'actual time', even if the trip back was ideal to show a 4 hour movie. Just as he figures this out, he hears the door opening and is surprised to see Mindy return. Unsettled about how they left things, she puts aside her coat and work portfolio, telling him she came back because she felt they really need to clear the air about Steve.

During Dorothy's younger years, she suffered from quite extensively low self-esteem. She had a previous boyfriend who was emotionally-abusive towards her when she was younger in high school. She split with this boyfriend within a short while. Her trust towards men began to dwindle in comparison to most, average females within this stage of adolescence into early adulthood. Furthermore, another boy, John Noretti (played by Hal Linden in Season 6, Episode 22: "What a Difference a Date Makes") supposedly stood Dorothy up on the night of her high school prom, which lowered her self-esteem even further during the critical years of her adolescence. However, the complete lack of respect for himself and others (showing up dressed like a "hood"; mouthing off to Sophia), saw him being turned away from Dorothy completely that night by Sophia. Dorothy was under the impression that John never showed up. Well, he did. Sophia just never told Dorothy about this...

Dejected, Dorothy later accepted a date for the senior prom with, lo-and-behold, Mr. Stanley "Stan" Zbornak (played by Herb Edelman) because Dorothy 'felt as if she could not do any better.' However, little to her anticipation, she did. Dorothy became pregnant during this time. Well, Dorothy had too much to drink that senior prom night, evidently. Dorothy became pregnant during a one-night stand in a Chevy with Stanley at a drive-in movie that senior prom night. It was... well, unplanned and unexpected. At the time, Stan mentioned he was drafted into the military and was going to be sent to South Korea to fight in the war. Learning this, Dorothy feared she may be a single mother with Stan's child should Stan die in South Korea. She felt obligated to Stan being pregnant with his possible son or daughter. However, soon enough, Dorothy's father learns that Dorothy is pregnant and demands Dorothy to marry Stan as soon as possible.

At some point during Stan and Dorothy's marriage (within the TV series, some time between 1946-1984), Stan and Dorothy relocate and move to Miami. In Season 1, Episode 11, 'The Return of Dorothy's Ex' (that aired nationally on November 30th, 1985), Stan mentions how they bought property together when honeymooned in Miami. Yet, after all they have been through, despite having two children of their own, the two split divorce after 38 years due to Stan's infidelity with a younger woman. Stan was attracted to a younger woman, by the name of Katherine O'Connor, who was an airlines stewardess on one of Stan's business trips. Stan had a one-night stand with this Katherine during one of his business trips in Maui, Hawaii. Well, the rest was history. Stan just got up and left Dorothy without a word and never returned to her subsequent this horrific incident. It was learned to Dorothy through a divorce lawyer who came to her to bring this horrid news. Stan did not have the decency to even inform Dorothy. He just ran off with this Katherine. Through the divorce lawyer, Dorothy filed a divorce lawsuit against Stan. Within due time, the two had their divorce officially. 041b061a72


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