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Download High Heels by Yo Yo Honey Singh MP3 Song - Free Music Online

Includes unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality downloads of Hold me in your hand / hold your face like fire, Halloween Dreams, accompanyments, Walking Through Carballo in My Mind, I'm going into a trance, I Like To Think, The Christmas I Met Elton John (2018), Excelsior Breeze Catchers, and 7 more. , and , . Purchasable with gift card Buy Digital Discography $44.25 USD or more (25% OFF) Send as Gift Share / Embed 1. le cerf 04:11 info buy track 2. angry farmers 03:29 info buy track 3. capture the stars 01:20 lyrics buy track capture the stars with a hammera leaf for a frying pannosing back and forthjust like a manon a train to nowherehe's never knownfor on the trainthe people all boredsitting & thinkingmaking a snorewhy not, why not, why not did not the ghostenter the car of the trainwhy not why not did not the ghostenter the train 4. what is the truth of the past? 03:07 lyrics buy track what is the truth of the past?what is the truth of now?what waxing and waning illusionlike a car on an old country roador an oar on a boat on the seaor on an old country road in the night?what is the truth of ahead?what is the truth of behind?is there any kind of truth at all to your mind?what is the thing that i feelthat i also feel in dreams?it gets even stronger when I shut my eyeswhy do i forget about itwhen i look into a true friend's eyes?why does the rain fall?why does the sun rise?why do i see myself walking byand not even say hello?are we even friends any more?i need to be with youour time together is quite shortmy human brother whose eyes, well, i know how they seethough they never look directly at me 5. overstocked trailer 00:48 lyrics buy track overstocked trailer turned over on the highwayoption number three was the heart of the creaturemountains on the chalky peakoverture begins you can enjoy that before your arrestthe police are in the mezzanine nowa checking account hides in the bushesthe great face of the man no longer clean shavenlooking like he wants me for lunch 6. broad dust of gussamer 00:41 lyrics buy track a broad dust of gussamersweat on the chest of the harvestovular stones on walls of the mossand an animal whose name is forgottenwhy did i walk this farwhere i'm completely lost?a chain of stars dragged me hereI didn't realize i was clinging to iteach step that i took led me astray 7. terror has struck in my heart 01:23 lyrics buy track terror has struck in my heartthere were other meaningsunderneath the meaningsi took to be truethe little boy is chasing a red balloonuntil the sun melts the plastic and it popsoh the little kid is far away from homeit's dark and cold before he realizes ithe doesn't know this dark cold woodall he knows is he doesn't feel so goodhe separated slowly chasing his plastic toyterror struck his heart when it went awayhe shivered and shriveled and dieda million times vaster was the meaningunderneath of the meaning he was chasing all his life 8. a long and narrow chair 00:44 lyrics buy track once there was a chair that waslong and narrowonce i sat there and it wasold enough to breakbut the chair held steady bythe strength of a threadnow it's the cow's turn to sit in itit's doubtful it will survivewhat a good old chair we hadit was practically the reason for livingfor struggling and fighting to get byit soon will be sticks to put in the fireit'll keep us warm for an evening 9. every day 02:09 lyrics buy track every day is feelinglike a reactionto a previous feelingthat i just haddo you know what you're feeling?i don't know how to ask thatit's raining and I'm here all alonei saw the face of an ancient dead manbetween two rocks in the creekstaring at meeveryday is a momentthat never passes byeveryday is the feelingof moving your eyesto look at something that doesn't fitand forget what we were talking abouteveryday is a scarecrowit is completely harmlessand it fades away over timebut it's rebuilt instantlyas a reaction to the very first feelingyou hadeveryday is an actionthat's too hard to takelike a wave that's crashingit always breakseveryday is not moneyeveryday is pure honeyif you've got any time left in this lifeif not comes a changethat i can't comprehendit's the way with all living thingsand we will feel what we always feelevery day of lifeevery day is feelinglike a reactionto a previousthat i just haddo you know what you're feeling?i don't know how to ask thatwould you know how to tell me how you feel? 10. how many little bitty things have you got? 01:14 lyrics buy track how many have you got of those little bitty things?how little bitty are they after all?do they depend on the weather?like the forest or the deserton both sides of the Mississippi?all i have everwanted to knowis how many of those little minuscule things there arein your possessioncan you fit them all on the back of a horseor a camel or a great horned toad?did you buy them in a store or find them by the side of the road?well if you won't tell meand you won't show meif you don't have the time for mei understand you're very busywith all of those little bitty things you haveso i'll be on my wayi do have to be watching the cloudsit's my occupationand i have to go about it in a professional manner 11. was that happiness? 00:57 lyrics buy track what did i just feel?was that a quick, fleeting feeling of happiness?Do you happen to know why i felt thatDo you happen to know why i felt thatit seems like so longsince i felt a flash of air beneath my wingssilver sabers suspended in the sunlightsilver sabers suspended in the sunlight 12. this song is for my friend 01:08 lyrics buy track this song is for my friendwithout a name, without a formwho always walks inside melike a river in a stormwhether i've been drinkingor whether i've noti find myself sinkingin the river of thoughtthe suns opens up on the field of the deadthrough the clouds and light rainon the forgotten homesteadand in the glory of dayas the sun passes bythe bodies are gonehidden from the eyehidden from the eye 13. a bunch of scenery 00:53 lyrics buy track rising over a bunch of scenerywings flapping like a crowrain falling clouds movingyour eyes are featherson the wind they godescending to a knee bendwhere the flooding waters flowi cannot see you directlyonly in my heart like a charmthe magic was stolen from us by space, by deep space alive 14. i don't care if you applaud 01:06 lyrics buy track i don't care whether you give me applauseit should be your decisionif you felt that i put forthan admirable effort singing my songso when this song is overif you don't clapjust know in advancei respect that we must act togetherin the common interestto look out for each otherto care for your neighborlet them be the way they aredon't care if you applaudi say, just be who you areacting in our common interesti want you to be who you are 15. this cannot be removed 00:30 lyrics buy track this? oh this cannot be removedit's a part of my bodyi acquired it as a babe in armseverything grew around itlike a hole that leads somewherewith dim damp drawings in the darkthe bones of the ancients are holybut their actions were brutalalmost worse than todaybut not quite 16. i moan not for my meat 01:46 lyrics buy track i moan not for my meati moan not for the daybut i moan for all the greenthat's soon to go awayoh nurse my child i begged the queentill she stands up at your kneefor no kingdom have you anymoreand no mother more have weo keep my girl my dearest queentill she can walk alonewhen you look into her eyes of greenyou won't have lost your homei'll take the girl the queen did sayshe was born from the cloudsIf you let me live in your house and home you see i am kicked outi'm sorry my queen but i have no housethese woods I call my homeif you take me there said the queenand show me what to eatthen i will climb into a treeand nurse the green-eyed girl 17. by the statue of george washington 02:53 lyrics buy track a little boy went to a pondtook off his clothes to swimhe put his feet into the mudwhen looking back at hima face emerged and just a faceas though it wore a green-black hoodhis eyes turned to the little childwho turned and ran fast as he couldwhen he got home to his front doorhe had no key to enterthen looking up he saw the pale facestaring back at him through the winderwhy did you run from me said the faceas it opened up the doori was scared that you would hurt mesaid the trembling little boyhow strange for i was only trying to catch a magic fishi caught it and i brought it hereso you could use one wish that i'll give youi wish that i could be a bird and fly away to a treeare you quite sure?said the ghostly faceand the boy said indeed i be.with a snap of the boy's eyes closedhe fell down in a dreaman eagle flew through the windowand picked his body cleansoon his mother came homeand his father shortly afterwhen they saw the eagle staring at themthey both met him with laughteruntil they saw the skeleton of their little boy lyingon his bed picked so cleanbut still not done with dryingthey made a basket with his bonesa bowl out of his skullfilled it full of flowers and stonesand the milk of their goatand bone by bone the eagle tookapart the skeletonto thicken up his nest so highby the statue of george washington 18. fire in the echo of the blast 00:57 lyrics buy track when i woke up there was a gun in my handand a fire in the echo of the blasta body crumbled on the trunk of an ancient treewith holes in the bark so deep you could put your hand in 19. angel horse 01:04 lyrics buy track are your wings still heavy angel horse?the planet has turned away from the dayand the darkness has begunangel horse you may rest in the wilderness of the universein the gentleness of the junipers and let your strength returnangel horse take my wishes and scatter them into spacelisten to me while i weep over the letters that arrivedthirty-five years too late 20. spare me the truth 00:46 lyrics buy track spare me the truthdon't tell me bout the detailsof all the destruction i causedto pursue a fantasy of a rich lifestylespare me the truthi feel like livin' a liespare me the truthdon't tell me what i need to knowi'm only on a tv showpursuing a fantasy in electric lightspare me the truthlet me die in the night 21. le cerf encore 01:31 info buy track 22. humanity 02:07 lyrics buy track humanityall i was taught abouthumanitynow is called into doubtall the idols of the past are deadand the new life has begun as clear as wateroverheard myself having an argument with you saying I'm not dead I have no swords in my back I know the truth about us though the truth is that I cannot know but I feel so I'll not say those things to you out loud I'm sorry baby all I know is I love you there's nothing that I cannot say nothing that I can naturally my body is given to me without exaggeration even when I can't let go I'm already long long gone bet you I know where you got your shoes not the land end's catalog you got em from the hands laboring in the shoe factory what more I cannot say what's more another day of what's in store I move less than a tree like a bird I sing like clear running water in a streamhumanity all I was taught about humanity 23. the eye of the lord 01:09 lyrics buy track a bucket of eyeballs burst in the entrya pig opened its umbrella directly at youthe old boards in a pile just walked awaya thousand little critters could all do the jobeleven was the number of the calendars destroyed in the rainmy avalanche was happening while i was occupiedburning weaves a basketanti-annihilation is on the mind of the molewho lives under the courthouse flagpolenever caught but always boughtfull of tissues the garbage can diedno magic elves were there left insidea blister on his heel he threw away his swordinto a cloud through the eye of the lord 24. exactly right this time 02:06 lyrics buy track it might be hard to seeit might be hard to tellwhat it is i'm going forwhat is it am i up to who knows the secretthe secret is the heartbeatthe secret is the heartbeat of everythingthe wheels of the chariotrumble over the gravelthey try to kill meby sliding to the leftby sliding to the rightbut the sphinxesare under my controlit might be hard to seeit might be hard to tellbut i'm getting it exactly right this time 25. i want you to be every age 01:41 lyrics buy track i want you to be every ageto be a child to be a woman to be oldto feel the rain and the snowand the heat of the bonfireby the sound of the ocean wavesi want you to see really seethe quiet explosion of joy even within sadnessthe purple colors that emerge like sails full of wind in the gulfand i hope you can hug to the hub of the wheeland i hope you realize your power is a spherewhose reach knows no bounds you are infinityand i know the world turns in its waynot every choice will make or break younature always has its way so you can relaxthere's nothing you really need even mefor you are the joy that has always existed in the great unknown 26. a piece of wood 01:29 lyrics buy track a piece of wood a staffwith leaves sprouting outwhat makes you illsilent burning questionsif i were not to hold youthough you did not moveyou would be leaving stillgrowing waiting for someonewaiting for the work to beginbut it don't have to wait very longbecause i hear it callinggood thing it's quietbecause it's using the birds to say what it says 27. the old souvenir i didn't want to buy 01:07 lyrics buy track there's the old souvenir that i didn't want to buyon the highway by the giant crater museumwhen she begged me when she criedi just shrugged and sighed and bought this little gemstone paperweightnow she's somewhere distanttraveling through another dimensionpassed through to wherever we go after this lifemy darling i wish i'd known how much i'd miss youwhen you were gone and now you're goneand now you're gonei was gruff i was brash i treated time like so much trashi was gruff i was brash i treated time like so much trashi was gruff i was brash i treated time like so much trash 28. verlaine (le soleil du matin) 01:18 lyrics buy track the morning sun gently warms and gilds the wheat and rye are dewdamp stilland the blue still has the freshness of nightI go out without a purpose but to go outI follow 'long the river and the grass a pathvague waves of yellow by the old aldersthe catkins dangling downthe air is crisp now and then birds streakand its image in the water survives its flightthat's allbut the dreamer loves this countrywhere the memory of youcan be gently weaving throughcan the tender wisps of daydreamsthe breath of robins between their lively songand the clear sweetness caresseshis dream of adoration cradling the charming memory 29. cell phones in the theater 01:36 lyrics buy track your cell phone is ringingmy cell phone is ringingthe cell phones of everyone in the theater are ringingand outside the theater all the cell phones are ringingradio waves so thick you can taste emand a great many people they answer the calland on the other line speaks a voice to them all:we've taken over the cell networks of earthand our ships are prepared to landwe shall select the strongest of you to be our slavesand the rest we shall feed to our animalsthe aliens came and that was the end of this lifebut on the other side we feel a sensation so purelike the movement of light was very flesh and bloodwe continue exploring this darkness farther and fartherin the depths of the very same bliss we felt in the theater 30. alone 02:03 lyrics buy track as i relax on this dark nightas the thoughts come slowlyin orderly fashioneach image coming into focus clearlyand at a pace I can understandwhen there's nobody around meand I feel comfort calm and peacewherever I happen to bethat's when I know what it feels like to be homewhen I see the end of my little lifeand the perishing flesh die awaywhen my soul goes muteand the darkness spills like ink over mewhen the known world fades awayand dark matter takes the stagethe strange motions I feel inside of my soulsuddenly become as distinct as a tablewith a hamburger on a plate sitting before meand yet all around me where before me I had thoughtthat there was nothing there but airoh now I see the air is swimming with stuffso thick you can grab it with your teethoh this is when I am truly at homewhen I am free to be completely alonewhen I am free to be so alone I can feel how we're never ...we're always ...we're never ... always ... alone 31. maroon moon 02:04 lyrics buy track fear is a moonit's calming and softfear is an arrowyou try to pull it out of your chestsafety is dark and protected by stonewhether together or whether aloneanybody understands what i meanovals of green milestones behindmoron moonturn bright maroonon a sunny september afternooni chose you onceand i chose too soonyou were reflected in a spoonbut vanished like a sparkor a bat passing by in the night 32. went to the plastic surgeon 01:49 lyrics buy track i went to the plastic surgeon to make my face uglyto scare the children awayto let me be aloneto hide to hide away in this life this ugly lifemy face is not me i am not my faceit changes every secondit doesn't leave a tracebut i guess i'm not good lookingmy eyes are not kind nor brightnobody seems to think that i am an alright sort of person to askfor a trumpet playing dogand I am quite afraid of the nightmares i have 33. interrupted sunrise voyage 01:52 lyrics buy track i set out on monday to the powder of the skyon the ship they call sunrise that dazzles the eyei prepared a pair of parrots one for each sidea male and a female the balance of my pridei was 30 below zero, my body temp was lowyou could say i was surprised when the time came to goand the ship left the land unto the sea releasedso began the journey towards the great emergencythere was the clouds in the air that came to block out the sunand the crew of the boat was just unpacking all their gunswe'll kill these clouds they shouted out with all their beards askewthey shot the clouds full of bullets which rained back down on the crewi jumped overboard and fell in love with a sharkwho guided me back to the shore just as quickly as a sparkthe seaweed covered me from my head down to my feetthey thought i was a god but I was robin hoodthat's not who i am i said after a whilei am the bandit of the moonlightbut i'm off work right nowjust go about your business on the quaiyour secret's safe with meand the charming crowd adored mei don't remember whythis life of mine comes slowlythis life of mine comes slowlythis life of mine comes slowlybut always tastes divine 34. enormous like a spider web 00:27 lyrics buy track the rain came downsome people drowneda grandparent among a thousandlike the leaves on an aspen treetremble on the winddelicate and thinand enormous like a spider webthat covers up the world 35. behind the waffle house on brainerd rd 01:28 lyrics buy track crater of mercy i was just like a lionwelcoming the truth like the colors of a foreign and ancient landjust only a little bit stranger than you can imaginewithout sinking an inch the lightning struck the reflection of the moonat the waffle house across the street a dinner plate shatteredi was out in back of the place eating all the good stuff they throw outwith a gang of raccoons and rats my family i call them my family the cars oh Jesus the cars how i wonder where you aremy only one is hidden from my eyeas they drive down the nighttime roadwith no-one to see me in the dark behind the waffle househow deeply can you imagine the arrow in my heartthat links me to youthough i suppose you are in one of those bright light automobileson the rainy streets on brained roadon the rainy streets on brained roadon the rainy streets on brained road 36. don't tear up your family 04:17 lyrics buy track being alive is more than just livingplaying the part while writing the playtaking apart the mind like a puzzleand putting it back in a different wayskating across a frozen oceannever su


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