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Just King Free Download (v0.3.1) [UPDATED]

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Just King Free Download (v0.3.1)


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*FOR ANDROID - If install doesn't happen after download - Allow Install Unknown Apps --> Then go into Apps --> Files and clicking the file from there to start the app install.16 Bit - Runs best on older devices32 Bit - Preferred for mobile. Runs best on newer devices

From just a glance, it sort of reminds me of winds of change. I must say, perhaps you could get more people by including some romance in it. Or nsfw. I saw you already made a post about it, but I simply wished to say something. A lot of the popular visual novels do tend to have some sort of romance option in them. I love seeing new visual novels that flourish. Yours seems like it could very well be one of the popular ones. I know its up to you on how to make the novel, which is totally fine! Its still a good story which really defines the whole visual novel. I for one greatly enjoy romance VN's. I do also tend to share the visual novels I really enjoy with other people to try and get more people to download them. Either way, I will recommend this to my friends and others! ^^ I was just curious if you would maybe add romance in the future. But it seems like its well made and I look forward to the future.

Got a problem. I downloaded the app on Android and whenever i open it, it just crashes it just shows this picture, couldn't screenshot it from ingame so i just screenshotted the picture shown here. Idk if my ram cant take it or its the app.

The cream scone place is kinda weird but you just need a stuffed bun in your inventory and then speak with the guy by the door. I wish you just had to buy it once but I can't make a check for buying one item from a shop's inventory, so it's how I programmed it. (It's also a reference to a manga I drew years ago when learning digital art, "The Outcast Demon Prince". It's really dumb but feel free to google search it lol)

I'm glad!! I originally thought the joke ending would be collecting money after Mao stole your purse, thus being able to still pay the fine (and just being a regular adventurer) but no dice... Ill keep looking!

It's considered a "major quest" in the journal but that's just so players wouldn't be confused when checking for the next step since it doesn't feel like it belongs in the "minor quest" section lol

As for the metroidvania one, I'm learning Game Maker Studio right now so I can make it, but it'll probably take a while (like months) till there's anything playable. I'll be working with a small publisher now so it won't be free either, but hopefully I can release a free demo.

I found an even worse bug concerning the swamp, once you enter you can't come back, "lets hurry up and rescue jean (and mulach)" when you try to leave. The people are in their thanking state & the diary is working just to let you know.

As for the Mappi Village orb quest, did you complete the talking donkey one first? It's a requirement (as well as being at the end of chapter 7 or later). If you did all that and it still didn't show up, try leaving and returning to the Guild. I'm gonna test it out myself too tho. (Edit: just tested it and it seems to be working fine.)

In lore (the novel I never released and just decided to turn into this game instead) Jeanne is way more powerful than Lianna and Mao, so the solution to give scenes tension was usually to get her busy with other enemies (or hit her head and pass out lol) but I felt like it'd feel wrong in the having a party member so much powerful, so I stripped her of most of offensive spells, and only left her mostly as a support unit (until you unlock her lv9 skill, which still requires her to lose health to be used effectively). As for Shida (the wolf boy from the north), he feels so powerful partially because he was balanced around Huyuchi Village's second quest, which will be unlocked in chapter 12, and because some of his item slots are locked, so you won't have as much freedom in building as the main characters.

The things I would look for in combat with a game like this would be the addition of abilities, it looks like you plan on using TP for that, which I like. Another thing that I think a game like this would benefit from would be what Monster Girl Quest Paradox does, where when an enemies HP gets low enough, they'll try to tempt you into losing; perhaps an example I could think of off the top of my head would be the slimegirl asking "Why don't you just give my slime a try? I'm sure it'll feel good on your body..." Or something like that. There's room to reuse the loss animation for an idea like that, or to add a new animation for the temptation all together. Honestly I feel like temptation in these types of games is the hardest part for the player to overcome rather than combat, since most people can win fights with relative ease.

I love the temptation mechanic in mgq paradox. In fact, when I first started this, that was one of the things I wanted to add. Unfortunately my weakest/slowest area of developing this game is the writing of the sex scenes. I'm not good at it, nor do I really like to do it, so I went looking for a writer and actually found one who'd work for free(at least until I can make money from this). He wrote one scene and then I didn't hear from him for a bit and I found out he got sick. So I'm just waiting on him to get better. 041b061a72


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