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Firangi 3 Full Movie In Hindi 720p: A Hilarious and Heartwarming Adventure

Firangi 3 Full Movie In Hindi 720p: A Review

If you are a fan of Kapil Sharma's comedy and historical drama, you might be interested in watching Firangi 3 full movie in Hindi 720p. This is the third installment of the Firangi franchise, which started with Firangi in 2017 and continued with Firangi 2 in 2019. In this article, we will review Firangi 3 full movie in Hindi 720p and tell you everything you need to know about it.

Firangi 3 Full Movie In Hindi 720p

Introduction: What is Firangi 3 and why should you watch it?

Firangi 3 is a Hindi-language historical comedy-drama film written and directed by Rajiev Dhingra. It stars Kapil Sharma as Mangatram "Manga", a young man who works for the British during the pre-independence era. He falls in love with Sargi (Ishita Dutta), a village girl who is against the British rule. He also befriends Princess Shyamali Devi (Monica Gill), who is engaged to Raja Inderveer Singh (Kumud Mishra), a cruel ruler who wants to exploit his people. Manga has to face many challenges and conflicts as he tries to balance his love, friendship, and loyalty.

You should watch Firangi 3 full movie in Hindi 720p if you enjoy watching movies that combine humor, romance, drama, and history. You will also get to see Kapil Sharma's amazing performance as Manga, who is funny, charming, naive, and brave. You will also appreciate the beautiful cinematography, costumes, music, and dialogues that bring alive the colonial era.

Plot summary: What happens in Firangi 3?

The plot of Fir angi 3 follows the events of Firangi 2, where Manga and Sargi got married and moved to London with Princess Shyamali Devi. They are living a happy and prosperous life, until one day, they receive a letter from India. It informs them that Raja Inderveer Singh has escaped from prison and has taken over their village. He has also kidnapped Sargi's father (Rajesh Sharma) and brother (Inaamulhaq) and is torturing them. He demands that Manga and Sargi return to India and surrender themselves to him, or else he will kill their family.

Manga and Sargi are shocked and worried by this news. They decide to go back to India and save their family and village. Princess Shyamali Devi also accompanies them, as she wants to help her friends and reclaim her throne. They embark on a dangerous journey, where they have to face many enemies, obstacles, and betrayals. They also meet some new allies, such as Gappu (Aparshakti Khurana), a street-smart conman, and Chanda (Neha Pendse), a feisty journalist. Will they be able to defeat Raja Inderveer Singh and restore peace and justice in their land? Watch Firangi 3 full movie in Hindi 720p to find out.

Cast and crew: Who are the main actors and filmmakers behind Firangi 3?

The cast and crew of Firangi 3 are as follows:




Mangatram "Manga"

Kapil Sharma

The protagonist of the film, a loyal servant of the British who falls in love with Sargi and befriends Princess Shyamali Devi.


Ishita Dutta

The love interest of Manga, a village girl who opposes the British rule.

Princess Shyamali Devi

Monica Gill

The heir of a royal family who is engaged to Raja Inderveer Singh, but later escapes with Manga and Sargi.

Raja Inderveer Singh

Kumud Mishra

The main antagonist of the film, a tyrannical ruler who wants to marry Princess Shyamali Devi and oppress his people.


Aparshakti Khurana

A new character introduced in Firangi 3, a witty and clever conman who helps Manga and Sargi in their mission.


Neha Pendse

A new character introduced in Firangi 3, a bold and beautiful journalist who exposes the truth about Raja Inderveer Singh.

Sargi's father

Rajesh Sharma

A supportive and loving father of Sargi, who is kidnapped by Raja Inderveer Singh.

Sargi's brother


A brave and loyal brother of Sargi, who is also kidnapped by Raja Inderveer Singh.

Crew Members

Director Rajiev Dhingra

Writer Rajiev Dhingra

Producer Kapil Sharma

Music Director Jatinder Shah

Cinematographer Anshul Chobey

Editor Omkar Nath Bakhri b70169992d


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