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The Mysterious Benedict Society Image

Collider can exclusively reveal a first look at the vibrant cast images for The Mysterious Benedict Society's upcoming second season. The show, which is based on the best-selling novels by Trenton Lee Stewart, tells the story of four extraordinarily gifted orphans who are recruited by a mysterious man named Mr. Benedict (Tony Hale) to take part in a secret mission to foil his evil twin brother Mr. Curtain's (also played by Hale) plans.

The Mysterious Benedict Society image


Photographs of children can reveal humanity in its most vulnerable, adorable, and hopeful moments. Full of Grace: a journey through the history of childhood is a collection of 300 remarkable images by master photographers from 1850 to the present. Author Ray Merritt places the emergence of photography as an art form alongside society's changing views of childhood. Chapters focus on a range of themes, such as "the celebrated child," "the curious child," and "the child in turmoil." 041b061a72


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