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[S1E8] Kimmy Is Bad At Math!

His school essays and reports are terrible, are always poorly written and are never thought-out. Leopold always overestimates and brags about his reports, essays, homework, etc. to be the best in all the classes he has attended, no matter how immature, pathetic, ridiculous or frivolous they are. He sees the world in black and white terms, things being either absolutely good or bad. For example, he adores Unreal Tournament, sausage eggs and playing video games, but he loathes his father, school, and his teachers, and generally hates everyone else other than himself and his friends well, sometimes he could perhaps even hate himself. Generally, he likes treating his mom like a slave, because she does the same to him without being paid. He is getting used to long division math strategies. After school, he trades every 97 cents for a 97-cent meal (1 large fries, ketchup packets and a Big Mac with mayo) at McDonalds by order.

[S1E8] Kimmy is Bad at Math!

He acts arrogant and edgy and keeps bragging about himself to compensate for his extremely low self-esteem, much in vain. For some reason, despite his issues, Leopold is a teenager who makes friends quickly sometimes, even a girlfriend, has a good sense of humor even though he often cannot laugh at himself, and isn't completely withdrawn to his PC he's not a hikikomori (but he is a hikikomori sometimes, his room is a mess.) Although he is a hopeless silent student, he gets a decent grade on his math test (within a range of 92-93 and a A-). Plus he is a sore loser, though he abandons the game when he loses. 041b061a72


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